The 2023 Summer Read Plus: All Together Now, program is starting on July 1, 2023. The Benedek Memorial Library staff has been working on the program since the end of last year’s program, “Oceans of Possibilities”. Since this year’s theme is “All Together Now”, the staff thought it would be nice to have an art project open to the community. “All Together Now” we can create an amazing mini art show for all in the community to enjoy! So, now’s your chance to tap into some creativity! Everyone in the community who wishes to participate in the Mini-Art Show will receive, free of charge, an art kit which contains a mini-canvas (3”X 3”), some pots of paint and a couple of paintbrushes. But, don’t feel you are limited to these items. Feel free to use some other medium on your canvas. Get creative: use yarn, embroidery floss, markers, crayons, material, clay, or anything else that will fit on YOUR mini-canvas. If you need help getting started, come see us at the library. We have a great many books on different types of art and crafts for all ages. When you have completed your artistic piece, bring it back to the library for display in the mini-art show. Only your first name will be posted on the mini canvas. For participating in the mini art show each participant will receive one raffle ticket, which they may use to enter in to the many prize drawings we will be offering. To see all the raffles available and the rules for the raffles click here.

To expand on the Mini-Art Show idea, the summer events at the library will provide the opportunity for participants to work with different artistic materials. Depending on age, participants may have the chance to create with Sculpey clay, pipe cleaners, beads, paints, salt, shaving cream and sand! We will be offering a “Sip and Paint” Class for teens and adults (no alcohol will be served).

Other events include: a Murder Mystery Dinner for adults; and 2 reading clubs. One club for teens and adults and one for student in grades 5-8. We will have the orchestra of Southern Finger Lakes coming to perform two special stories told with music, for all ages. There will be two performances, July 15 at 1:00 pm and August 3, at 10 am. Please bring a lawn chair to these music performances. Check out our calendar of events for more information on all that the Library has to offer the community this summer. “All Together Now” we can have a great summer!

You can download the sign-up application here and drop it off at the library or sign up online here:

Download the Reading Voyage Log here:

Please read on for more information about the Reading  Challenge and how to participate in the raffles. To bring the 2023 Summer Read Plus: “All Together Now” program together takes the support and donations from many businesses, organizations and private individuals. Please take some time to see all of the supporters of the summer Read Plus and let them know how much you appreciate their donations of items, time and money.

We also hope you decide to come together and participate in this year’s reading challenge!