Ultimate Challenge: Read 1200 minutes from June 29th to August 6th. Reward is to pick a book from our prize books

Find the Super Hero: During the first week (June 29th – July2) come to the Library and find the super hero who is lost in the library. Batman (for 2nd grade and younger) is looking for a vital piece of information and needs the librarian’s help. Can you find him and help him get to the librarian? Superman (for 3rd grade to 6th grade) needs help from the librarian to find information to save Lois Lane. Can you find him and get him to the librarian?

Random Act of Kindness: Do a random act of kindness for someone and come to the library. Fill out a random act of kindness link and add it to our chain of Kindness. At the end of program party see how long we make our chain!Characters Running