Benedek Memorial Library will be closed Memorial Day.

The library will be closed Monday, May 27 for the holiday. The Staff and Board wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

BUDGET VOTE! MAY 21, 12 PM TO 8 PM! Passed!

Thank you to all who voted in the recent budget vote at the Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr High School on Tuesday night May 21. The School budget passed and the Library budget passed. Thank you for the community support of both the School and the Library.

2023 Annual Report to the Community is Available!

Check out the last year at the Benedek Memorial Library with the 2023 Annual Report to the Community by clicking here. Every year the library puts out a report for the community to see the highlights of the year in review. The report is a little long, but new this year is a shorter version at the library. Stop in, to say “hi” to your friendly librarians and pick up the shorter version of the report. You might be surprised at how much the library has to offer.

Blood Pressure Kits are Available to Borrow at the Benedek Memorial Library

You may have read in the news that the American Heart Association and Southern Tier Library System have teamed up to bring blood pressure cuffs to libraries for borrowing to monitor blood pressure at home. The blood pressure cups were purchased with funds from the estate of Mary Vohar Lilley. The Benedek Memorial Library has received three blood pressure kits. Two are currently available for lending and one will be kept at the library for patron usage. The kits can be taken out for 30 days with two renewals. February is heart health month, please come and try the kit. You can take one out, or just try one at the library to see how easy it is to take charge of your health.

These kits are easy to use. I know, I have been using one for the past month with a family member. It only takes a few minutes to check the blood pressure with the kit. The staff is available to help you learn how to use the kit. The kits include a blood pressure cuff, instructions on how to properly take blood pressure readings, result tracking information and literature about managing blood pressure. Use of the equipment should only be in conjunction with service from a licensed heath care provider familiar with your medical needs. Each kit has a list of health care providers if you do not have one.

To borrow a blood pressure kit out you will need a library card, come in to the Benedek Memorial Library to borrow the kit, and you will need to return it to the library during library hours. Please do not return blood pressure kits to the drop box. The kits can be damaged by putting them in the drop box. Please, stop in to borrow one of the kits. Monitoring your blood pressure is an important part of your health care.

Mobile Center Meets Thursdays at 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Early Literacy Center (children’s room),

Mobile Family Resource Center Coordinator– Sarah Blencowe

Working with children and families is inspiring and something I love doing! Being there for support, a friend, helping hand when needed, and most of all providing a space for families to enjoy, connect, be silly, learn, laugh, play and grow is the joy that fills my heart!

WHAT IS A Family resource center (FRC)

Family Resource Centers (FRC) offer early and comprehensive support for parents and caregivers of young children.

Family Resource Center programs are based on the needs of families, and services are provided in collaboration with community members.

FRC programs emphasize building strengths and abilities in order to maximize the capacity of
families to raise healthy children and contribute to their communities.

We are Fine Free!

The Benedek Memorial Library has gone fine free! Do you hate when you thought you brought an item back to the library, and you find it is still in your home? You know it is late, but you are afraid of the late fines that may have incurred. Relax; all of us have made mistakes. Bring the item back and do not worry about late fines. We no longer have late fines. If you feel that you should make amends for keeping the items too long, you can make a donation (small or large) to the library. Any donations made helps us to be able to add programming and new items to our collection. Enjoy our collection; take items out without worry of late fines. Just do not keep the items too long. After an item goes four weeks beyond the due date, your account will be billed for the item. If you get billed, your account will be blocked from use by all the libraries in the Southern Tier Library System. To get unblocked bring the items back to the library or you can arrange to take care of the funds due. If you pay the bills, the library will be able to replace the items. Don’t stress out, come to the Benedek Memorial Library and enjoy the collections.

Welcome to the Benedek Memorial Library!

Welcome to the Savona Free Library website. If you are coming to our website you are looking for information on the library. You can find our hours, events, what is new to our collection, access your account, order items to pick up at the library and many other things about the library. But when you think about a library what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like many other Americans it would be physical books. While we do have a collection of books there is so much more to libraries these days than just physical books. We have computers and public WI-FI hot spots available for public use. We also lend out audio books on CD, music CDs, movies and television shows on DVD. Coming soon, there will be Kindle Fire tablets to borrow. All of these items are available at the library, but right now you are in cyber space. Guess what, you can still borrow from the library. Just put your pointer on “E-Library” and click to find out. Remember the library is much more than just a place to find books. We offer many other items for borrowing and many different services to the public, through your Savona Free Library card or any library card in the Southern Tier Library System. Also you can access the library not only during the days the library is open, but even when the library is physically closed. Need a book to help you to fall asleep at 2:00 am? Down load a digital book and start reading. Need to get authoritative information for a research project due real soon, check out our databases for articles from many different sources. Look around, try something new, the Savona Free Library is available for your entertainment and informational needs.

Benedek Memorial Library Dogs:  Austin, Ruby and Slim