New Program: Lego Club

Lego Club is starting January 27, 2022, at 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Benedek Memorial Library. This new program will give young ones 8 years old and up, the chance to explore their creativity with Legos. The program will have sessions that are open to being creative or have a challenge build sessions. The participants can decide what they want to do in the club. The Club will be limited in number of participants due to space. Pre-registration is a must, but participants can drop in any time during the Club session. Participants can register by email:, please include name of participant, parent or guardian’s name, phone number, and address, by phone (607)583-4426, or stop in the library during open hours

All participants must wear masks at all times, and agree to all rules of the club. Parents or guardians are responsible to ensure their participant knows the rules.

The five rules of Lego Club are:

1.  Respect the space. –No running around, just sit and work on your piece.

2.  Respect other patrons of the Library. Quiet inside voices are to be used in the Library.

3.  Respect other builders. –That means everyone has to share. Have a positive attitude.

4.  Respect yourself. –Stay positive. …

5.  Respect the Legos. –We don’t throw the Legos. 

Currently the Lego Club will meet once a month, the fourth Thursday of every month. In a couple of months, depending on popularity and weather, we may start meeting bi-weekly. If there is interest by adults, we will to consider a club with adults also. Let us create something together!

Special Note: Rapid Covid Tests and KN-95 Masks have been taken.

Sorry, we are now out of test kits and masks.

If we get any more test kits or masks we will place a post on the website and Facebook page.

If you are looking to get at home Covid Test kits on Wednesday, January 20, 2022, you can go to: to get 4 test kits per household from the federal government.

Special Book Collection in Memory of Jamie Easton, Dale Curren and Candace Denton available at the Library now!

Currently on display in the Children’s Literacy Room, a new children and young adult book collection donated in memory of Jamie Easton, Dale Curren and Candace Denton. Many who have gone to the Campbell-Savona Central School District (CSCSD) will remember them. These three amazing people were dedicated, long-time employees of the CSCSD. The varied interests of these three people influenced the selection of the books in the collection. All of the books on display may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time. The collection has about 66 books and spans picture books, easy reader books, chapter books and young adult books. Both fiction and non-fiction books are in the collection. Thank you to the group of retired Savona teachers, and current staff of the Campbell-Savona Central School district for taking up the collection, buying the books and donating the books to the Benedek Memorial Library. Now not only the students of CSCSD will be able to access the collection, but also the homeschoolers and the very young will benefit from this memorial given in memory of these wonderful people.

We are Fine Free!

The Benedek Memorial Library has gone fine free! Do you hate when you thought you brought an item back to the library, and you find it is still in your home? You know it is late, but you are afraid of the late fines that may have incurred. Relax; all of us have made mistakes. Bring the item back and do not worry about late fines. We no longer have late fines. If you feel that you should make amends for keeping the items too long, you can make a donation (small or large) to the library. Any donations made helps us to be able to add programming and new items to our collection. Enjoy our collection; take items out without worry of late fines. Just do not keep the items too long. After an item goes four weeks beyond the due date, your account will be billed for the item. If you get billed, your account will be blocked from use by all the libraries in the Southern Tier Library System. To get unblocked bring the items back to the library or you can arrange to take care of the funds due. If you pay the bills, the library will be able to replace the items. Don’t stress out, come to the Benedek Memorial Library and enjoy the collections.

In Time for the Holidays, Three New Public Computers Are Available for Use!

Austin watching the FLX Gives totals.

When Austin was watching the totals of the FLX Gives fundraiser (Thank you to all who helped and made donations), he was watching them on the new public computers available at the Benedek Memorial Library. (Scroll further down to get the totals for the FLX Gives fundraiser.)

New computers were funded (in part) by a grant from the Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries.

The new computers were funded (in part) by a grant from the Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries. The three public computers are updated, work faster and have great graphics. Our pervious public computers were older and could not to run videos such as You Tube videos. The graphics were jumpy when viewing a video. Now videos run smoothly. If you need to watch some videos for employment, education, or just for fun, our computers can play the videos smoothly. Please bring your own wired headphones to listen to any videos. Our computers do not have speakers. Patrons can use the public computers for 30 minutes intervals. Patrons can have two intervals for up to 60 minutes total per day (as long as there is not a waiting list for the computers).  You can do research with the Internet on our computer(s) or use the free Wi-Fi access on your own computer, tablet or phone. Need to print something out; our public computers can print to black and white or color printers. Black and white prints are $0.10 per page and color prints are $.25 per page. We do request patrons call ahead to use a computer, so we can make sure a computer is available when they have need for them. Due to Covid19 safety measures, only two computers are available at this time.  Check out our public computers and the many other services we offer at the Benedek Memorial Library!

Welcome to the Benedek Memorial Library!

Welcome to the Savona Free Library website. If you are coming to our website you are looking for information on the library. You can find our hours, events, what is new to our collection, access your account, order items to pick up at the library and many other things about the library. But when you think about a library what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like many other Americans it would be physical books. While we do have a collection of books there is so much more to libraries these days than just physical books. We have computers and public WI-FI hot spots available for public use. We also lend out audio books on CD, music CDs, movies and television shows on DVD. Coming soon, there will be Kindle Fire tablets to borrow. All of these items are available at the library, but right now you are in cyber space. Guess what, you can still borrow from the library. Just put your pointer on “E-Library” and click to find out. Remember the library is much more than just a place to find books. We offer many other items for borrowing and many different services to the public, through your Savona Free Library card or any library card in the Southern Tier Library System. Also you can access the library not only during the days the library is open, but even when the library is physically closed. Need a book to help you to fall asleep at 2:00 am? Down load a digital book and start reading. Need to get authoritative information for a research project due real soon, check out our databases for articles from many different sources. Look around, try something new, the Savona Free Library is available for your entertainment and informational needs.

Benedek Memorial Library Dogs:  Austin, Ruby and Slim