History of the Savona Free Library

For many years the Davenport Library supplied the local residents of Savona with some of their books at different locations within the village.  In 1912 the Ladies Circle working with the Davenport Library and Spaulding’s drugstore decided to have a small selection there. Also in 1913 the books were being set up in Seaward’s store for the locals to read. Then in 1915 the Suffrage Club thought it would be better to have the Library set up at Roberts’ drug store for public loan.

This practice was observed down to the year 1923; when the Village people thought it would be nice to have an established building and permanent home for the books.  So the Mothers’ Club starting holding bake sales to get funds for the new Library. Also in 1923, Davenport Library provided books to be loaned out in the Savona Area. And the first Library Association was formed.

The first board members were:

Mr. Alfred L. Spencer – Founder

Mrs. Florence Gillette

Mrs. Carrie M. Joint – 1st. Librarian

Mrs. Arabella Smith

Mrs. Alice Park – Secretary

Mr. Lee Smalladge – President

These members acted on behalf of the people of the village to find a permanent location and to establish the Bi-Laws and Charter for the Library.  The Board has 5 members at all times and each member serves a term of 5 years. The Board has the job of determining all the Policies that help to run the Library and act as the governing body of the Library.

Our first Librarian was Mrs. Carrie Joint her duties included the internal management and administration of the library.

This is carried out today in the same way. The job title has changed to” Director of the Library”, and Mrs. Candy Wilson is currently manning that post.  Also in the summer of 1996, a new position was created as the Librarians Aid, and was later changed to Librarians Assistant.  Since the position was created, Stephanie Spears, Debbie Brazie, and Suannah Serrano have held it.

All total from the beginning till present there have been 16 Librarians/Directors of our Library here in Savona.

They are:

Mrs. Carrie Joint 1925-1927

Mrs. Ada Conklin 1927-1942

Mrs. Emma Shutts 1937-1943

Ms. Julia Goodsell 1942-1944

Mrs. F.R. Drehmer 1944-1947

Cora Wagner 1/1947 –8/1947

Mrs. Isabelle Packard 8/1947 –1948

Miss Nellie Faucett 1948- 1950

Miss Mary Hewey 1950-1951

Mrs. Herbert Johnston 1951-1954

Mrs.Rudolph Metzger 9/1954-12/1954

Mrs. Paul Bergin 1954- 1966

Mrs. Janet Farnsworth 1966- 1987

Mrs. Sharon Strong 1988-1995

Mrs. Cynthia Schamel 1996- 2007

Mrs. Jenny Peer 2007 -2014

Mrs. Candy Wilson 2014 – present

The Library was established in the Grange building which is located on Church Street. It was housed on the second floor in 1925. There it remained till 1957.  In 1953 it was decided upon by the board that the Library needed a new home, so in 1957 it was moved to its permanent location at the Village Hall Building at 15 McCoy Street. Where it remains to this day.

In more recent history a change has taken place to help us all keep up with the ever-increasing technological advances.  In the year 2001 Savona Free Library received from the Gates Foundation four new public access computers. Also that same year we became automated (on line via the internet). We now are connected to 56 plus libraries and facilities covering five counties.

The Library serves the communities of Bradford, Campbell, Savona and surrounding countryside. Although there have been many changes the Library’s goals have not changed. They are to serve the public and give everyone a chance to read and to keep us all on the path to learning.