The Summer Learning Program “A Universe of Stories” has ended at the library, but the need to continue reading for not only work or education, but for pleasure goes on. In our heavy information based world we are bombarded by information. After a while reading feels like a chore. All of us, young, old, women, men, and even babies need time to read just for the pleasure of reading a story or about some subject we are pursuing for the pleasure of doing. The summer may be over, but the library is still open to help you find the next great story, or a book on the subject you want to learn more about. If the book what you want is not physically at the library we can order it from any of the other 48 libraries in the Southern Tier Library System. The book or item will be delivered to us at the Benedek Memorial Library and we will notify you to pick it up. We hope to hear or better yet see you at the library.

We would like to thank all the area businesses, organizations, and individuals who have helped and supported us during the Summer Learning Program. Please check out our event calendar for upcoming events, such as the movie night September 6 at 7:00 pm showing MIB International, or the Family Bingo night September 13 at 6:30. There are still many great things going on at your local library, the Benedek Memorial Library.

Goodbye Summer Learning Program “A Universe of Stories”