Young people can sign up at the Savona Free Library or online at: Young adults and adults can sign up at the Savona Free Library or online at:  If you have signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge at the Savona Free Library, start keeping track of the time you read, on paper or online for young people : and for young adults and adults:

The summer reading program will challenge all to enjoy reading during the summer. The challenge is to read for 20 hours during the six week program. To reach the goal a participant will only have to read for 30 minutes a day every day of the program. The reading challenge is not limited to reading books. Participants could read print books, digital books, graphic novels, audio books, magazines, and newspapers. Sorry, watching a movie does not count. Record how long you read and you can be eligible for prizes during the six weeks ending August 11, 2017.

Keep watching our website for upcoming events, challenges and drawings. Come and take the 2017 Summer Reading Program “Build a Better World”  reading challenge. We dare you.


“Build a Better World” Starts July 1, 2017!