On Election Day the Friends of Benedek Memorial Library hosted a Pulled Pork Take-out fundraiser. They sold dinners from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and were able to sell out. The dinners consisted of a Pulled Pork sandwich, mac and cheese, and coleslaw for an $8.00 donation. Along with the take-outs they were also selling raffle tickets for four items, two handmade lap quilts with matching teddy bears, a handmade afghan and a pillow with “Shh I’m reading” printed on it. The raffles have been on display since the Annual Book Sale in the beginning of October at the Library. Many tickets were sold. The winners were pulled at the end of the Election Day Pulled Pork Take-Out. The winners are:

Pink lap quilt – Jean Mattoon

Crayon lap quilt – Anonymous

Afghan – Dan Gillespie

Pillow – Carol Ross

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all who came and helped support the Benedek Library. Don’t forget Christmas Magic is coming in December, along with the Holiday Lights Decorating Contest.

Election Day Pulled Pork Take-out Fundraiser