Lego Club is starting January 27, 2022, at 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Benedek Memorial Library. This new program will give young ones 8 years old and up, the chance to explore their creativity with Legos. The program will have sessions that are open to being creative or have a challenge build sessions. The participants can decide what they want to do in the club. The Club will be limited in number of participants due to space. Pre-registration is a must, but participants can drop in any time during the Club session. Participants can register by email:, please include name of participant, parent or guardian’s name, phone number, and address, by phone (607)583-4426, or stop in the library during open hours

All participants must wear masks at all times, and agree to all rules of the club. Parents or guardians are responsible to ensure their participant knows the rules.

The five rules of Lego Club are:

1.  Respect the space. –No running around, just sit and work on your piece.

2.  Respect other patrons of the Library. Quiet inside voices are to be used in the Library.

3.  Respect other builders. –That means everyone has to share. Have a positive attitude.

4.  Respect yourself. –Stay positive. …

5.  Respect the Legos. –We don’t throw the Legos. 

Currently the Lego Club will meet once a month, the fourth Thursday of every month. In a couple of months, depending on popularity and weather, we may start meeting bi-weekly. If there is interest by adults, we will to consider a club with adults also. Let us create something together!

Next Lego meeting is March 3 and March 31, call (607)583-4426 to register.

New Program: Lego Club