Currently on display in the Children’s Literacy Room, a new children and young adult book collection donated in memory of Jamie Easton, Dale Curren and Candace Denton. Many who have gone to the Campbell-Savona Central School District (CSCSD) will remember them. These three amazing people were dedicated, long-time employees of the CSCSD. The varied interests of these three people influenced the selection of the books in the collection. All of the books on display may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time. The collection has about 66 books and spans picture books, easy reader books, chapter books and young adult books. Both fiction and non-fiction books are in the collection. Thank you to the group of retired Savona teachers, and current staff of the Campbell-Savona Central School district for taking up the collection, buying the books and donating the books to the Benedek Memorial Library. Now not only the students of CSCSD will be able to access the collection, but also the homeschoolers and the very young will benefit from this memorial given in memory of these wonderful people.

Special Book Collection in Memory of Jamie Easton, Dale Curren and Candace Denton available at the Library now!