Families and Stuffed Friends all enjoying a special night time story hour!

Last night, Friday July 9, the library was taken over by a stuffed animal slumber party. Several families, and their stuffed friends, came to a special night time story hour. We had stories, crafts, snacks and dancing. The families had fun and allowed their stuffed friends to spend the night at the library. The stuffed friends slumber party kept the staff members, Candy, Rose and volunteer Kaleigh, busy watching over everyone as they enjoyed their night at the library. Don’t take our word for it, check out the pictures.

Godzilla trying to snack on a good book. His friend Kong reminded him that we should take care of Library books. NOT eat them!
Meanwhile, Zander has found the perfect Position to enjoy reading his book.
Totoro looking for Hootie and Whiskers as they play Hide and Seek.
Shirley, George, Chester and Ollie – our game players enjoying a game of Parcheesi.

Hootie, Kong, and Rolo seeing who can climb the highest before Librarian Candy Spots them. “Come on guys. Down from there. No climbing the stacks.”
Hootie and Shirley enjoying the Library’s 2 iPads.
Freckles and Kong turning the rope for Zander during a game of jump rope. Shirly watches, ready to jump in.

Godzilla scores a hole-in-one while Zander and Kong wait their turn during a game of miniature golf.
Everyone enjoying some popcorn while watching Kong’s favorite movie, King Kong (of course).
Totoro and a basket full of monkey friends: Frankie, Kong and Rolo.
Godzilla leading a path of destruction while finding a good book.
Whiskers and Freckles. Taking a walk on “the wild side” in the Library’s “jungle.”
The gang enjoying a bed time story read by Library resident, Frankie.
BEDTIME AT LAST! Frankie, watching over everyone as the settled down for the night.
Wait a minute…”KONG, GODZILLA! Get back here. It’s time for bed guys.”
Stuffed Animal Slumber Party!