The world outside is transforming from winter to spring. As the seasons change so is the Savona Free Library. For a while we have been working with the collection housed at the Library in the Village Hall at 15 McCoy Street in Savona, with our events happening at the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House, 7 McCoy Street in Savona.  The Mary Helen Meeting House has also been used to store our older items, which were not circulating well, to give more room for our growing collection, and for back office work.

Now, by Board of Trustees approval, the Library is working on plans to temporarily move the collection into the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House, while we work on building an addition to house the collection permanently in.

Why are we temporarily moving the collection into the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House? Because:

  • To provide less confusion as to where the Library is and where our programs are being held.
  • To improve the services to our communities.
  • To promote better use of finances.
  • To provide better access to the Library for the communities we serve.
  • To allow an opportunity to bring more business into the area.

When will we be moving the collection?

There is still a great deal of work to do before the items in the Library can be moved, so there is no moving date.

Currently the Library has a core of volunteers working hard building new shelving, and refurbishing old shelving, to be installed at the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House for the Library collection. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out with this project and other projects. If you wish to volunteer please contact the library by email:, phone the library (607)583-4426 or stop by and talk with our friendly staff.

The Library also is working with the Campbell – Savona School District and Southern Tier Library System to bring high speed Internet to the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House and the Savona Free Library.

A date will be set once we are further along in the process of getting ready to be able to temporarily house the collection in the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House. Please keep checking our website, or our Facebook page:  for more details as the project moves on, and for an exact moving date.

PS: Savona Free Library is soon to be known as the Dr. Sandor and Berthe Benedek Memorial Library. Check back for more details.

Watch Us As We Change Again!