IMG_0785“Woof, woof! Thank You for Supporting The Library!”

Austin is a happy dog and wishes to thank everyone for their support in the budget vote. If you have not already heard the budget passed by nine votes. The budget vote proves that every vote counts. Your support of the Savona Free Library budget will help to keep library programs, services and the collection going for another year.

The new budget will only cover part of the yearly expenses the library has to take care of. The rest of the funds are raised through donations, grants and fundraisers. This year the Library already has planned a chicken barbecue for Memorial Day 11:30 a.m., until we are sold out. We will be doing cow chip bingo at the Savona in the Park, July 16, 2016, tickets on sale at the Savona Free Library. We will be doing concessions also during Savona in the Park. There are many more fundraisers planned for the coming year.

The Savona Free Library has planned many changes to the library to better serve the communities. One change, in the works, is extending our operating hours to include Friday and Saturday hours. Keep checking the website for more details about changes in operating hours. With the passing of the budget these changes and more are a step closer to happening. We still need to do fundraising to achieve our goals and dreams for the communities we serve. If you would like to help with fundraising come and join our Friends of the Savona Free Library group. Just send an inquiry by email to:, or call the Library (607)583-4426 or stop in and talk to any of our friendly staff. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you from the staff, the Board of Trustees and Austin for showing your support and passing the 2016 budget.

Your Support Counts, the Library Budget Passed! 🙂